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Message from the Administrator

Colleen Roy,
Administrator/General Manager

May, 2019

Happy May everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the sunshine and warm days that we have had. Our residents are already outside enjoying some extra vitamin D. Recently Orchard Heights has been in a position where we have had to ask cars to move from the front of the building. We as caregivers must be mindful that the fire lanes are in place for emer-gency parking only, please do not park cars or trucks in these designated lanes as you will be asked to move your vehicles immediately. Additionally, Orchard Heights, has enhanced our security camera system. Traditionally, security cameras were at the exit doors only. We now have security cameras on the interior of the facility down resident room hallways, along with at the Nurses’ s stations. Cameras shall be utilized to ensure security of the residents in the Memory care unit and other designated areas within the Assisted Living facility. No security cameras shall be placed at the private resident area ie. resident rooms, tub room and /or bathroom(s). The cameras are not equipped with audio, only visual capabilities. Cameras have been installed in a “fixed position”. Orchard Heights personnel are unable to adjust the security cameras angle – only the manufacturer is capable of this. It was great to see everyone at the Spring Buffet, I hope everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. As always if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call or email. Sincerely,


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