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Message from the Administrator

Colleen Roy,
Administrator/General Manager

March, 2018

Dear Residents, Families and Friends, Happy March everyone! With spring around the corner, we all start to look forward to some warmer weather and the opportunity to get outside. Please be mindful with the nicer weather residents may be walking in the parking lot, so please watch your speed. Thankfully we are getting out of the cold and flu season! Our entire team did an excellent job not only taking care of those who were ill, but also being proactive to prevent others from suffering the effects of the flu. A great big thank you to all departments for really going the extra mile the last couple weeks! You will be getting an invitation for our Spring Buffet and I look forward to seeing you all there! This is an amazing event when our culinary team gets to showcase their talents. If you have any special requests please feel free to reach out to myself or Denise Siuda, Culinary Director.



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