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Family & Resident Testimonials

Just a note of heartfelt thanks to everyone from our family to you and yours. Words can’t convey how thankful, grateful and appreciative we are as a family for all you’ve done for my Mom.

When we came here over four years ago, it didn’t seem as though Mom had much time left, but with the wonderful atmosphere of caring, loving and attentive staff, Mom came back to “life”, in more ways than one!

Everyone, and I mean “e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e”, from administration to nursing aides to activities to kitchen to maintenance to housekeeping...has been so wonderful to us the whole time here, only the Lord Jesus can repay what you’ve done for Mom and us as a family, and the quality of life you’ve added to her life as well as ours. And we pray God’s abundant blessings on you all for it!

We’ve told you many times over the years how much we’ve touted your praises of what a wonder place this is here at Orchard Heights and how much you’ve done for Mom, and I can assure you, we will continue to do the same as time goes by. We will always remember all of you with the most tender memories of what you’ve done for Mom.

Mark, Family Member

"I am blessed to have three sons and one daughter who visit often, and they are always comfortable visiting here. I say, 'Come on over to my house!' and they bring their children and snacks. I am spoiled by my family and the staff here at Orchard Heights. When my granddaughters visit, I always ask them to play the piano in our lounge. Once the girls get started, there is usually a crowd of people who are listening. I am so proud of them!"

Joe, Resident

"Dad really was (and he will always be in our hearts) a very special man. His love for us girls and our families was so deep and true. And you’re right – Dad was a very kind, gentle, humble, tender, wonderful man to others as well. He was never a complainer and took the greatest pleasure in the smallest things. He loved his TV and all the holiday parties he went to at Orchard Heights and, as you know, loved good music, especially Glenn Miller. Dad was very happy at Orchard Heights. He used to tell people it was his mansion. He loved his birthday parties in the great Dining Room and enjoyed showing his family members around. And those milkshakes at the ice cream parlor! If he wasn’t so fluid-intake conscious because of his dialysis, I’m sure we’d have his name on one of the chairs in there! Yes, Dad was a happy man at Orchard Heights. Most of all, there were special people at Orchard Heights that made living there special for Dad. Please accept these roses as a gift from Dad. I know he’s smiling down on you. You can take them home or keep them in your eye view at Orchard Heights to remind you of how special you were to Dad."

Debbie, Family Member

"I am writing to thank you for the excellent care my father received while staying at Orchard Heights. He really loved it there, and thought of all of the staff as extended family. Their care for him was nothing short of phenomenal. He had such a fondness for Orchard Heights: he loved to go on the country rides, and the ice cream parlor grabbed his attention daily. The activities and entertainers that your staff worked so hard to schedule made his a stay a very pleasant one. We enjoyed visiting too, not knowing what event might greet us when we arrived, be it Irish dancers or a singer with a guitar."

The Anderson Family

"Our uncle needed a special place to become his new home. The Memory Care wing at Orchard Heights was the place – a dignified residence that provides care, housing, and tactful supervision and judgment of residents' individual needs. There are park-like grounds, home-like living accommodations, excellent food, and activities for the mind and body. Our uncle has flourished at Orchard Heights, and it is truly a comfort to us knowing he is safe, secure and in living in the best place available."

James, Family Member

"Orchard Heights is the most delightful place I have ever been! I love the staff and enjoy spending time with my new friends – we share many interests and stories about the ‘good ‘ole days.’ My family is at ease knowing that I am in a great place, and I haven't a complaint in the world."

Joe, Resident

"The emergency call bell system gives me peace of mind and makes me feel safe because I know that there is always someone there for me. I have never had to use it, but I heard that if I do, a nurse will come running!"

Audrey, Resident

"I am a nature lover so you can always find me outside on the porch or looking out of our big, beautiful windows. My favorite season is fall – I just love the colors of the trees! Spring and summer are all about “greenery” and fall is about “scenery.” We get a good view of the Seasons here in our yard!"

Stella, Resident

"I am very satisfied with the Nursing Department because I know that the medicines I need are given to me when I need them, how I need them, and in the amount I am supposed to take. My family and I feel extremely comfortable with the manner in which my medicine is handled."

Charles, Resident

"I have been a resident here since August. My daughter had heard about Orchard Heights through some people at her church in East Aurora. She came here and liked what she saw and decided it would be the perfect place for me. I like to drive my friends out to lunch to area restaurants and enjoy reading in my room. Lately, I have become more involved in activities. We have a lot of great recreation programs here! The other night, Mark Hamister shared his slides of Greece with us, and I am looking forward to the Irish Dancers performance on Wednesday night! I especially like the game “World News”: when I am able to answer the questions, I feel great! I enjoy being around people and I know my mind is active too."

Pat, Resident

"Have you seen how nice my room is? I love showing it off because it’s so clean! I was always a “neat-nick” at my old house so cleanliness is very important to me"

Jean, Resident

"I love living at Orchard Heights. I eat with friends and we can talk about our day. The dining servers are very friendly and they never mind if I change my order. Sometimes everything looks so good that I can't decide what to eat! There is such a wide variety of meals to choose from: there is soup, salad, entrées, and sandwiches. And it all tastes great!"

Lee, Resident

"I love all of the music they have here. It is nice to be able to choose what you would like to do and see. I always love to listen to good music. I also enjoy visiting with my family. They can come in at any time, even during the evenings after work."

Leonard, Resident

"We would like to thank the facility for letting us use your Private Dining Room last night for a family party. My mom was able to meet her first great-grandchild and visit with her grandsons (our nephews). They flew up yesterday from Atlanta so that she could finally see the baby, and they are flying back today. There were 10 of us and our “Atlanta family” was very impressed by the great dining room that Orchard Heights has and how accommodating Orchard Heights was for this family gathering. We had a great family dinner together! We especially want to thank your Executive Chef for all of his help during the evening, and thank everyone again for making this event such a wonderful occasion. Due to a scheduling conflict, the Lions Club group was ever so gracious to move to the activities room. We just want to thank everyone again for making such a nice evening for us all."

Chris, Lenore, and Family

"No matter what activity I do here, I always have a friend waiting for me. Usually, I hear, “Come on Jane, we are going to listen to music, come with us!” I can’t say no to an invitation from my good friends here, can I?"

Jane, Resident

"It was so nice to meet your staff when I came out to visit my mom in the Memory Care unit. As I said to you then, and I’m putting it into writing today, I am very pleased with the care that my mother is receiving at Orchard Heights. I was able to observe her care on the three days that I visited prior to my returning home to New Mexico, and she is doing much better than I expected because the staff on the unit are patient and loving with her. In addition to the kindness shown to my mom by the staff, her Case Manager, and others, the Business Office Manager and Admissions Director have also been extremely helpful to me when I’ve had questions. They have made it a lot easier for me during this time of transition for my mom. Finally, I have recommended Orchard Heights to extended family members and neighbors of my parents on several occasions. Please keep up the good work so that I am able to continue to give a glowing report to others about your services."

Robert, Family Member

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