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Financial Information

Orchard Heights prices are all-inclusive, and we do not charge additional fees for added services.

Our competitors offer residents pay-per-service pricing, which increases the cost of resident care over time as additional services are needed. When dietary restrictions change, new medications are added or more personal care is required, your costs DO NOT increase at Orchard Heights.


Worried about how to finance Assisted Living? High quality senior care and luxury living in Buffalo, NY may be within your reach. The following financial methods and opportunities may also be available to you:

Long Term Care Insurance – In the past, such insurance covered skilled nursing facilities only. An increasing number of carriers now offer Long Term Care Insurance that includes Assisted Living. Plans may cover a specific monthly dollar amount, a certain number of years, or both. This can help seniors to finance a high level of care in an elegant environment.

Veterans Benefits – Veterans or spouses of veterans who served during a qualifying war time could be eligible for a specific dollar amount that would supplement any income received while residing in Assisted Living. Information on this benefit is available through your local VA chapter. Our Assisted Living Residence provides applications and assistance with the application process.

Self-Pay – Assisted Living residences consider all monthly income, including Social Security, pensions, interest from annuities, dividends from stocks and bonds, or any other revenue. Savings and total assets are considered, but many not need be used.

Orchard Heights does not have any hidden costs, expensive application or admission fees, security deposits, or community fees. Our pricing is all-inclusive.

We provide complimentary advice on the above financial opportunities. For a free consultation, call our Admissions Director at 716-662-0651.

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